Learn About UIUC : 1st Big Ten University Fair @ La Salle College


Past Sunday, Carol Chu and Jack Lai represented UIUC at the 1st Big Ten University Fair! Thanks the admission of UIUC, we have received our admission materials in the mail a week before, together with the iconic blue table cloth!

The Fair started at 2:30pm and before that all the alumni representatives and admissions representatives from the state got to meet the Principal of La Salle College, Br. Steve Hogan! (thank you La Salle again for letting us to use their hall on a Sunday afternoon!)

The fair went just as planned, we greeted student and (nervous!) parents from all grades and different local institutions. It was great to hear that many have heard of UIUC (esp. for its engineering program) and many have signed up for the email list to receive more information!

We were so excited to talk about U of I and our experience (back in the old days!) Being behind the information booth reminds me I used to attend all these college fairs, career fairs back when I was a student. It feels quite special when you get to be the one to tell people your own stories.

Special thanks again to Elizabeth Santiago, Regional Admissions Counselor and Coordinator of Alumni Volunteers of U of I, who supports the event.

As she wrote to us, “Illinois could not enjoy such a strong international presence without the help of our alumni volunteers.”, we as UIAA also hope to see you all to volunteer at these sort of college events in the future! We will keep you guys posted on future events and please contract us if you have any questions and interests for future fairs!

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