The UIAA Board is Formed!


Thanks for all the supports at our first general meeting last Friday in Central! Not only we have 40 members attended the event, we also received a bunch of proxy from members who was not available that night!

We have unanimously adopted the Bylaws and voted for the 4 officers. 2 committees are also established on the night to support upcoming UIAA activities!

The night is highlighted by our special guest. Scott Koeneman, UI Director of International Advancement and Associate Dean of the Library, came to our support and presented some U of I souvenirs to our new officers and committees’ chairs.

We have some members who have been very supportive in our initiatives to re-energize UIAA-HK, including Sophie Leung, Brian Leung and Norman Li, Director of Asia Pacific, Illinois Office of Trade and Investment, who also made it to the meeting last Friday and shared with us their experiences and expectations inthe Association. We would like to take the chance here again to thanks Sophie for bringing back UIAA-HK!

Many thanks to the preparation committee to pull the crowd together!

Meet the officers and committees here and see the photo from that night!




Drina C. Yue


Vice President

Adrian Aw



Carol Chu



Jack Lai



Mentoring and Public Relations (Co-Chair)

Jason Lo


Mentoring and Public Relations (Co-Chair)

Yan Chu


Events Committee (Chair)

Carolyn Tsai

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