Mentors: Get a Mentee! Mentees: Get a Mentor!

uiaa-hk mentorship

Mentorship Program Kickoff Event!

The Mentorship Program Co-Chairs, Jason Bond Lo and Yan Chu, would like to introduce to you one of University of Illinois Alumni Association Hong Kong’s (UIAA-HK) newest event, the UIAA-HK Mentorship Program. This Program will give both current UIUC students and graduates an opportunity to meet UIUC alumnus and to choose a mentor.

We would also like to extend our warmest invitation to our UIUC alumnus. Distinguished UIUC alumnus, we would love to have you on board to pass on your knowledge and experience to this generation. We would be grateful to have you as advisors and mentors in our Mentorship Program. It will be an enjoyable learning experience.

The Registration Event for the UIAA-HK Mentorship Program will be at

The Space

Unit C, 13/F Queen’s Road East, Wan Chai, Hong Kong

Saturday January 10, 2014


If you are interested, please sign up here.

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