The New Board 2016-18 is Here!


(Photo Credit – HANG LI)

The polls are closed and the election results are in.

Thank you to everyone who voted online or in person at the annual BBQ. Special thanks to the previous officers for all the work they have done in the past two years and their continued support to the association and alumni!

Introducing the newly elected officers to the 2016-2018 administration:

President – Octavian Cheung

Vice President – Chris Choi

Treasurer – Adrian Aw

Secretary – Carol Chu


Dear fellow alumni,

On behalf of all the other officers, it is a pleasure and honor to be elected to the new alumni administration. It is our aim that we can continue the great work of previous officers and alumni in the coming years.

I would like to propose an agenda that would help educate more of the public about the University of Illinois schools, their values and benefits. Having a strong relationship with companies in different industries can help provide career opportunities and training for returning graduates or transitioning alumni. The University of Illinois has given a lot to many of us and it is only fitting that we work together to help give back in different ways. We are a talented community and there is much that we can offer to the region.

As a community, communication is important and we would like to hear from our alumni for ideas and feedback on our direction. Please send emails with your comments to our association email. I also encourage everyone to sign up with the alumni mailing list so that they hear about our upcoming events or other important announcements.

Thank you all for everything that you do for the University of Illinois.


Octavian Cheung


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