Abbott LaboratoriesChina – 雅培

Alibaba – 阿里巴巴

Caterpillar –卡特彼勒

GE – 通用电气

General Motors(Shanghai) – 上海通用汽车

Unilever – 联合利华

AB InBev – 百威英博

论坛/招聘会日程:201588日,早上10点 - 下午4

早10点 – 早11点: 校友讲座 – 中国就业市场趋势和应届生就业策略

早11点–下午1点: 午餐自理




Please refer to more details HERE.

Lets get down to earth! Beer Tasting

Not sure if you have notice that there are more craft beer serve in Hong Kong’s bars and people starting to appreciate the diversity of beer offering here in the City! With that thought, we are thinking why not do some sophisticated beer tasting of our own (the idea is mostly stolen from HK BREWCRAFT)!
HK Brewcraft is co-founded by one of our UIUC alum, Angus IpClass of 2007, and yes he is bringing us this event to share some loves for craft beer and home brew!
Come join the UIUC Beer Appreciation Workshop!
Date: 5 June 2015 (Friday)
Time: 6:30pm
Cost per head: HK$200
What do you get: min 4 types of craft beer per person
Email Us today so we can sign you up!!

Big Ten University Fair in Hong Kong

Big 10 Fair Flyer

Do you have younger siblings, cousins, niece and nephews or even family friends who also wants the Big Ten advantage?

There will be an undergraduate University fair for high school student organized by the Hong Kong Big Ten Network, Big Ten Schools’ representatives and La Salle College this coming Sunday!

Date: Sunday Sept 21st (Sunday)
Time: 2:30-5:30 pm
Venue: La Salle College

It’s the first undergraduate fair for Big Ten in Hong Kong and a great opportunity for students to learn about the mid-west schools. (Please note there will be no parking available on the date).

Please contact us if you have any questions.

For UIUC, we have Carol Chu and Adrian Aw as the representatives. We look for forward to meeting you and your friends at the UIUC booth!