Lets get down to earth! Beer Tasting

Not sure if you have notice that there are more craft beer serve in Hong Kong’s bars and people starting to appreciate the diversity of beer offering here in the City! With that thought, we are thinking why not do some sophisticated beer tasting of our own (the idea is mostly stolen from HK BREWCRAFT)!
HK Brewcraft is co-founded by one of our UIUC alum, Angus IpClass of 2007, and yes he is bringing us this event to share some loves for craft beer and home brew!
Come join the UIUC Beer Appreciation Workshop!
Date: 5 June 2015 (Friday)
Time: 6:30pm
Cost per head: HK$200
What do you get: min 4 types of craft beer per person
Email Us today so we can sign you up!!

Go Team: We are bringing back the tailgate!




Am I the only one missing the wide-stretched lawn and the good time chat with friends with barbecue and beer?

That’s why UIAA is bringing back this good old fashion of tailgating to Hong Kong! No way we are missing the most important part of the night – SPORT! We will play highlight games from NCAA, NBA etc. along the grill so get your cheers /stomach ready! We want to see you and meet your friends so bring them along!

RSVP  before November 28th so we can save you some food and beer!

Contact us if you have any questions.